Best Way to Create Your Own Blog or Website

This is the first step of money making. When you need to start affiliate marketing or need to promote your products or services, then you should have your own website or your own blog.

Blogging is the first step of earn money online

In basically you can create your own blog with these free blogging websites. It’s almost free.

  1. (
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You can find another free blogging websites with google search.  But you have afflicted with these difficulties probably.

  1. Limitation of modification – Struggling to customize templates and adding some codes such as javascript, jquery, html forms.
  2. Deletion – Your blog can be delete when avoiding their terms or sometimes their specific consent.
  3. Advertisements – Some blogs are working with their 3rd party advertisements. We can’t remove it.
  4. Not allow to given TLD(top level domain) – Have to publish blog or website with their sub-domains. Specially, we have to pay too much dollars than general value of the domain if we need TLD domain.

And much more difficulties you are getting with this free blogging websites.

Why don’t you create your own blog or website with your own domain.

Most people are thinking about this is more difficultly and they have to spend lot of money to create a blog or website. It’s would be wrong. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and you can manage easy of your blog or website.

You can buy a .com TLD(top level domain) for just under $10 per year and you can buy a web hosting for just under $7 per month.

Read my previous blog posts and understand clearly about domain name registration and web hosting.

Making your first blog/website

When, you have your own domain and better web hosting account, you can make a website easy way.

You can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or that type of CMS through cPanel. cPanel is the control panel of your web server. Use “Softaculous Apps Installer” to install any CMS. It’s automatically create the database and files.

I would recommend the WordPress CMS(content management system).

Wordpress CMS dashboard
WordPress CMS dashboard

WordPress is a very popular CMS. 90% of blogs are done by WordPress cms. It has more free plugins and more free templates as well. Specially, we can manage our articles, user comments and feedbacks easy way.

This video will help you how to install WordPress through cPanel. But this video has been produced in 2013.

This video is a fresh one and it’s done by InMotion web hosting company. If you have Arvixe web hosting, please watch the previous one firstly.

Then you don’t need any web programming knowledge to install, run and publish WordPress blog. Get the better experience of making posts, managing templates, install plugins, comments moderation and more things with your self. Use google search and to find awesome tutorials.

I think this tutorial is enough to making your first blog. But you have to learn more strategies and you have to learn more blogging tips to improve the quality of your blog/website. I will share that all kind of tips and strategies in this blog.

If you have any problems or ideas, post comments section bellow. I will able to help you always.

Low cost and reliable web hosting for your blog or website

I have worked more than 20 of top web hosting companies and some of my friends who are in this field have lot of experiences with web hosting as well. Then probably I know about top web hosting companies with my own experience. Then I will share my experience and I will suggest the best web hosting companies on this post bellow.

Selecting the best server for your blog or website

You just need Linux shared web hosting account. Considering popular, easy and fast CMS(content management systems) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These systems are based in php. Php is running as well with Linux servers and it’s very low cost than other windows web servers.

I would recommend these web hosting companies to buy your web hosting account.

  1. HostGator –
  2. Arvixe –
  3. Blue Host –
  4. InMotion Hosting –

I have a small customer base. Their websites are hosted in HostGator. HostGator has awesome fast web servers. Then your website is loading very fast. It’s mean quick response time. Specially, they are not getting any security issues since last five years.

But I would recommend Arvixe web hosting. Because their server up-time is very higher than other service providers and they are providing such a grateful customer services. I have hosted more than 20 of my affiliates websites with Arvixe web hosting company. Some websites have more than thousands of unique visitors per day. It’s really awesome.
See my up-time records of my company website. It’s hosted in Arvixe.

Other two of web hosting companies are providing better services. Specially my friends are talking about InMotion web hosting company. But I have never hosted any websites in InMotion.

You don’t consider about the cost. I mean not only for cost. We can find more cheapest web hosting account. But they are not given a good service. In my experience, some web hosting companies are not given backup services and we are struggling to contact some technical person to allocate when getting some problems.

Specially, you don’t remember to search web hosting coupons in google search. Use that coupon code before you make the payment for web server. It’s should save your money as well. 

Register your own TLD(top level domain) for your own blog/website

Buying domain is the first step and the main part of when you getting started your own website or blog. I will share my experience on this post about popular domain name registration companies, how to buy a cheapest domain and which areas we have to consider before buying a domain.

Domain name registration - TLD registration companies

I would suggest these companies to buy your domain for your own blog or website.

  1. Namecheap –
  2. Godaddy –
  3. –
  4. Enom –

I used Godaddy before. They are giving awesome prices for .com domains. But only for 1st year. We have to pay more than $14 for next year. But the Namecheap company provides .com domains for just bellow $10 per month and they are giving who is protection for free in first year.  Then I would suggest the Namecheap domain registration company to buying any kind of domain for your blog or website.

Don’t remember to search coupon codes in google search and put that code before buying. Namecheap is giving 10% off coupon code anytime for every users.

Use this link to find Namecheap coupons.

But Godaddy is not providing coupons like Namecheap. But sometimes they are giving unbelievable .com domain coupons for first year. We can buy .com domains for just $0.99 with using that coupons. You have to search in google search engine to find that coupons. But don’t remember, they are getting more than $14 for second year.

Other two companies are very trusted also. Specially Enom. But they are not able to given special prices for domains like Godaddy and Namecheap. Regarding customer service and user control panel, Namecheap provides awesome customer services than other companies and Godaddy and Namecheap has a best user friendly control panel and it’s pretty easy to put our records as well.

Namecheap domain management system
Namecheap domain management system

The next step is looking for a good web server. Sometimes they are giving a domain for free with web hosting account. But don’t use that domain for your primary blog or your company website. Because when you are getting some issues with web hosting or you need to move this web hosting future, then it is not easy way to transfer the domain might be.

Specially, the domain is the main part of your website or blog. You can transfer web hosting account without any issues and when lost the files or deleted website from the server, you can get backup or can create another blog or website for that domain. But if you lost the domain, then you have lost everything about your blog or your company website. You can’t buy that domain ever and sometimes they are telling, you have to spend such a large amount of money to transfer that domain also. Then please be aware with that free domain.